Autumn Secrets

Release date 24th December 2020

Hidden secrets

Tempting love

An impossible truth

Welcome to Angel Falls, where vampires, shape shifters, druids and reapers exist, and where dark bearers and light bearers have been battling since human life on Earth began.

Aurora Kinsley returns with her mother to the little town of Angel Falls just before her eighteenth birthday. On her first night back, she runs into the alluring Adrian Hunter, with his sinful, dark looks and mesmerizing eyes. Aurora is drawn to him immediately and can’t seem to stay away from Adrian’s charm or his seductive games, and he appears to be just as captivated by her.

That is, until the beautiful Evangeline shows up out of nowhere and makes it clear that she is more than just a friend to Adrian. He denies having a girlfriend, and none of Aurora’s new friends know who she is. Aurora seems to be the only one who’s actually seen her. It’s like Evangeline doesn’t exist…

At the same time, other incidents in Aurora’s life leave more question marks than answers. Books literally throw themselves at her feet, a fainting incident has her questioning her own sanity and then there’s the feeling she’s being followed…

Aurora must fight to uncover unimaginable truths about her own history and to fulfil her destiny. What is her true nature and can she learn to harness it? Who is on her side and who is working against her? And can she really save humans from being plunged into darkness and overcome by evil?


Autumn Darkness

Coming in 2021